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License Plate Tag Bags

Use this heavy duty clear plastic sleeve to protect the temporary tag on the vehicle until permanent tag is issued. • 12-1/2"×6-3/4" • 7 mil hard plastic • Packaged 100 per box License Plate Envelopes License plates fit perfectly in these envelopes! • 13"×6-1/2" • Available plain, preprinted, or custom • Full color printing available (recommended on 8310-IMP) 835-01 Protect your temporary license tags with this specially designed tag bag. Adhesive strip on the top seals the tag inside. Two holes are included for attaching to the rear plate or 2 additional adhesive strips are included to attach to the rear window. • 7"×11-1/2" • 3 adhesive strips (one of which is on the flap) • 2 mil. plastic heavy duty bag • Packaged 100 per pack PremiumLicense Plate Protector These inexpensive yet very effective temporary tag bags will keep your tags dry and legible. Keeping you and your customer legal. These bags can also be used to protect license plates from wear while in storage or in transit. Extra long bag allows users to fold end of bag over to help ensure that the tag will not get wet. • 6-3/8"×15" • 2 mil. plastic heavy duty bag • Packaged 100 per pack License Plate Tag Bags with Adhesive • No Set Up Charge • Packaged 100 per box • Minimum custom quantity 500


Side view

834 (Form TH-100)

831 Plain Moist & Seal

832 Plain Self Seal

8310 Plain White Moist & Seal

8310-IMP Custom White Moist & Seal

831-IMP Custom Moist & Seal

832-IMP Custom Self Seal

8312 Preprinted Moist & Seal

8322 Preprinted Self Seal

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