Automotive Catalog 2020

Mirror Hang Tags These big fluorescent hang tags get great visual attention! Mix different tags for quantity price breaks. • 11 point stock • Available tag colors are Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Metallic Silver & White • Packaged 50 per pack SALES DEPARTMENT

7500-X -S, -R, -G, -Y, -P, -W

7501-X -G, -Y, -P, -W, -R

Jumbo Style – 8-1/2"×11-1/2" (1-1/4" hole size)

7502-X -Y, -P, -W, -S, -R, -G

7503-X -P, -W, -R, -G, -Y

7506-X -W, -R, -G, -Y, -P

7507-X -R, -G, -Y, -P, -W

7508-X -G, -Y, -P, -W, -R

7509-X -Y, -P, -W, -R, -G

7510-X -P, -W, -R, -G, -Y

7511-X -W, -S, -R, -G, -Y, -P

7512-X -R, -G, -Y, -P, -W

7513-X -G, -Y, -P, -W, -R

7514-X -Y, -P, -W, -R, -G

7515-X -P, -W, -R, -G, -Y

Permanent Markers available on pages 101 & 102

Available in Fluorescent Red Only







J-Hook Style – 8-1/2"×11"

7600-X -W, -R, -G, -Y, -P

7601-X -Y, -P, -W, -R, -G

7602-X -R, -G, -Y, -P, -W

7611-X -P, -W, -R, -G, -Y

7615-X -G, -Y, -P, -W, -R

Hook opening must be removed before use.

CustomMirror Hang Tags Get your customers’ attention with these bright fluorescent hang tags! • Full Color Printing Available • No Set-up Charges • We can match any design • Minimum quantity 100

Jumbo Style

J-Hook Style

7590-X -S, -R, -G, -Y, -P, -W

7690-X -R, -G, -Y, -P, -W

30 | Mirror Hang Tags

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