Automotive Catalog 2021


WipeOut Eliminator

Wipe Out Odor Eliminator System vaporizes, decontaminates, disinfects, and deodorizes. This quick acting product releases chlorine dioxide into the air and deeply penetrates into any materials including metal and plastic, making automobiles smell new again. • Easy to use, portable device that releases the most powerful and safest technology • Includes packet, cup, air freshener • Packaged 1 per box


Sanitizing System

Take extra precaution to protect your customer by using this system to provide a safe and clean vehicle every time. • Includes solution bottle and jug • Packaged 1 per box

This 99.9% Pure Chlorine Dioxide (CLO 2 ) product is environmentally safe, easy to use, and quickly sanitizes, disinfects, and deodorizes.


Sanitized Hang Tags

WashYour Hands Sticker • 5-1/2" × 4-1/4" • 1-part, self-adhesive • Packaged 10 per pack

• 3-2/3" × 8-1/2" • 65# paper • Packaged 100 per pack




Sanitizing Products


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