Automotive Catalog 2023


CustomMirror Hang Tags Get your customers’ attention with these bright fluorescent hang tags! • Full Color Printing Available • No Set-up Charges • We can match any design • Minimum quantity 100 • Quantity price breaks are: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2500


Jumbo Style (8-1/2" × 11-1/2") 7590-S Silver, 7590-R Red, 7590-G Green, 7590-Y Yellow, 7590-P Pink, 7590-W White

Control Tags Our control tags are made of a clear plastic-backed window stock sticker and two self-protecting key tags. All three parts have a matching consecutive number! No set-up charge for numbers or letters! J-Hook Style (8-1/2" × 11") 7690-R Red, 7690-G Green, 7690-Y Yellow, 7690-P Pink, 7690-W White

Vehicle Shape Style (9" × 12-1/4") 7660 White

• 6" ×6" - K ey tags fold to 1-1/4" ×3", Stock Sticker 3" ×6" • All numbers and letters are printed in black or red ink, stock sticker numbers and letters are 1-1/2" tall • Also available unnumbered • Packaged 125 per box with Key Rings • Minimum custom quantity 125 • Quantity price breaks are: 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000

4200-B Blue, 4200-G Green, 4200-O Orange, 4200-W White, 4200-R Red, 4200-Y Yellow, 4200-P Pink, 4200-T Tan, 4200-GY Gray, 4200-L Lime

4201-B Blue, 4201-G Green, 4201-O Orange, 4201-R Red, 4201-Y Yellow


If ordering blank (without numbering), add “-B” after item number

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